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Zoccolillo Fashion Store


Zoccolillo Fashion Store

Key Holders

What is the one thing we all seem to be looking for over and over again? And have we not all said it before: "Where are my keys?!" End this unnecessary ordeal and round off your profile with one of ‘Zocolillo’s’ unique and indispensable key holders or key rings. Made to last! Created with natural, high quality materials exclusively manufatured by an European leather manufacturer, it’s the perfect finishing touch and a guaranteed eyecatcher!
Hella Hella


Everyone needs our shapely, practical key fob in different, trendy and classic colours.Artful leather braid and sturdy holder makes a strong and pleasant companion......

CHF 38,00
Mori Mori


The practical, handmade, nappa leather key case with an additional small, external, lockable pocket. It comes in six different colours......

CHF 22,50
Oskar Oskar


Exclusive storage item for everything that is important to you. All at your fingertips and always knowing that all is in its place. Such as: cell phone, keys, wallet, jewellery etc. Handmade out of soft, beautiful nappa leather......

CHF 75,00
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