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The passion and love for beautiful, stylish products such as, leather and jewellery dates back in Eveline’s very early life. When she dressed up like a princess with her Mamas high heels and handbags walking around the house. She worked and made her career in the luxury industry for more than 17 years. After her baby brake, she dreamed of turning her long-lasting dream, creating fashion, into a new business. By building up her new activity she soon designed and produced her first collection of bags.

Bolso GmbH

At mid-April 2016, the company Bolso GmbH got officially registered in Küsnacht/Zürich Switzerland. A team soon started forming up to a young, dynamic, multinational workforce with great commitment to ensures excellency for every detail.The combination of Swiss design and traditional, over centuries executed, artisan workmanship in leather art, as well as longstanding expertise count for the production of outstanding quality in all the product areas. Leather is, if treated correctly, a fantastic material that can withstand many years to come.

High Quality Standard

Comparable with unique wines: the older the better! Two thirds of our production are related to woman’s bags. Followed by man products and accessories. As a company we emphasize on the quality of our products and services. It is our commitment to enhance every detail with each future collection. Quality to an affordable price. The company committed itself for a charity project in the southern part of India to support high potential students with financial difficulties in paying their annual fee of studies.